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    Mzz Karen StarKatz Sommers

    on September 18, 2013

    As always I love you guys and your work, thank you for the free textures they will come in handy in my images.
    Your page is amazing keep up the awesome work xx

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    on July 15, 2011

    Totally AMAZING work!!

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    Gary Paakkonen

    on March 19, 2011

    Thanks so much Nelli! I couldn't imagine a better compliment :)

  • nelli

    on March 19, 2011

    HI Gary,
    I love the versatility in your galleries. You make such a wide variety of everyday items look glorious!!! Churches, vehicles, landscapes and pets all seem to be painted with a magic brush. Wonderful talent!! Thanks for sharing these with us.

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    Gary Paakkonen

    on November 1, 2010

    Thanks Steve! I really do appreciate the comment, been keepin' an eye out for you but not seeing ya!!

  • Stephen Hughes

    on October 31, 2010

    You have a real talent with photography.
    Making any picture tell its own story, no matter how simple the subject may be.
    keep up the good work.

  • Gary Paakkonen

    on October 29, 2010

    Thanks for creepin' Martin.... Good ol' day's, wish I would have carried my camera around more back then... then again..

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    on October 24, 2010

    AWESOME family album Gary, really enjoyed creepin' ya :-) Great old pics too...the Bronco, then Gremlin, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! man that was a long, long time ago...

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    Gary Paakkonen

    on October 18, 2010

    Thanks for the great cpmment and sharing Scott, much appreciated :)) I fired up the site during an Alaska trip in '08, now I'm averageing about 35,000 hit per month...blows me away...

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    Scott Hovind

    on October 17, 2010

    Great site Gary! I never knew you had your own website. But obviously a site like this didn't pop up over night. Shared on StumbleUpon!

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